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In the Kitchen

  • Why One-Pot Meals? Easy and far from boring!

    We make it simple and easy to make healthier choices by offering the goodness of clean ingredients without compromising on taste. To make healthier meals, combine our products with cooking methods like steaming, slow-cooker, Pressure Cook/Instapot, and airfrying.
  • How to Make Cooking Easier

    Want to make cooking easier? Our spice blends and mojo sauce make cooking easier because they are a shortcut to flavor. But here are a bunch of other tips!
  • All About Sheet Pans

    Sheet Pans are a Kitchen MUST.. and perfect for quick, easy meals! Learn why they are an essential tool for your cocina, with my recommendations and how to clean them.
  • How to Make Compound Butter

    Everything tastes better with butter, right? But when you add flavors to the butter, it’s even more special… so make a compound butter! Here's how...
  • Spice Up Your Summer!

    Hazy, hot summer days do not inspire me to cook.  I want quick, tasty meals that I don’t have to fuss too much with. Here's how I use my spice blends and mojo to make easy meals for my family.
  • The Ultimate Lazy Cooking

    a.k.a. Quick Dinners For When You Don't Feel Like Cooking Sometimes I'm stuck in a dinner rut.  Uninspired, bored with my options, a combination of...