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In the Kitchen

  • How to Make Compound Butter

    Everything tastes better with butter, right? But when you add flavors to the butter, it’s even more special… so make a compound butter! Here's how...
  • Spice Up Your Summer!

    Hazy, hot summer days do not inspire me to cook.  I want quick, tasty meals that I don’t have to fuss too much with. Here's how I use my spice blends and mojo to make easy meals for my family.
  • Salads Don't Have to Suck

    What’s the first image that comes to mind when you think of salad?  Probably some iteration of a traditional side salad. Am I right?  Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, maybe some red onion or carrots. Packaged dressing. Pretty standard and gets boring soon after the first bite.
  • The Ultimate Lazy Cooking

    a.k.a. Quick Dinners For When You Don't Feel Like Cooking Sometimes I'm stuck in a dinner rut.  Uninspired, bored with my options, a combination of...