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Our Story

Mama Milly's was created as a tribute to my mother, Milly, and her much loved garlic sauce. Due to the pandemic, like most people I found myself with a lot of time at home and cooking dinner every day in 2020.  While I normally cooked pretty often, this was different.  When I was tired of cooking, I relied on this sauce, which says a lot since I genuinely love cooking. In fact, some may say food and everything culinary are obsessions of mine.  My mother could tell you that I was the child stuck in front of PBS, mesmerized by Julia Child, not cartoons or children's shows.  

My professional career in marketing eventually followed in the direction of food, working for Whole Foods Market, then with Michelin-star Chef, José Andrés, at Mercado Little Spain in New York City.  Food and marketing were a match made in heaven for me.  I could combine my love of exploring culture and cooking techniques through food with my creative talents in executing marketing campaigns and events. 

As the prospect of returning to a marketing job in the Food or Restaurant industry was looking bleak, I began to think of ways I could generate income with my interests and talents.  I would have to be creative and make my own way in the economic climate our country was facing. I had an "A-Ha!" moment, thinking back to the many times we hosted friends and family and when we brought out this sauce our guests wanted to go home with it.  In fact, it is a highlight for many who come to my family's annual Cookie Exchange Holiday Party!  Having heard countless times, "If you ever bottled and sold it..." I decided that it was the right time to take the chance. 

Mama Milly's is a special way for me to honor my mom while sharing my love of food with you.  I hope you enjoy and have many tasty meals with loved ones.

-Milena Caraballo

Owner and Founder, Mama Milly's