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What's in Season: June

It's the best time of the year for fresh, healthy eating!


June marks the arrival of warmer weather and an abundance of fresh produce, offering a cornucopia of flavors to explore. Eating seasonally allows us to connect with nature, support local farmers, and indulge in the peak flavors and nutritional benefits of each ingredient. In this blog post, we'll take a culinary journey through the delights of June, highlighting the vibrant fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are in season during this bountiful month.

  1. Strawberries: June brings forth a berrylicious treasure—the sweet and juicy strawberries. Bursting with flavor, these ruby-red gems are perfect for enjoying fresh, adding a pop of color to salads, or transforming into decadent desserts. Savor their natural sweetness and try incorporating them into jams, pies, smoothies, or simply enjoy them as a refreshing snack.

  2. Blueberries: Joining strawberries in the berry parade, blueberries also take center stage in June. These antioxidant powerhouses are not only delicious but also incredibly versatile. Sprinkle them over your morning cereal, blend them into smoothies, or use them as a star ingredient in muffins, pancakes, or fruit salads. Blueberries are a nutritious and delightful addition to your June culinary adventures.

  3. Peaches: June marks the arrival of the luscious peaches, offering a burst of summer sweetness. With their fragrant aroma and tender flesh, peaches are a true seasonal delight. Enjoy them fresh, slice them into salads, grill them for a caramelized touch, or bake them into mouthwatering cobblers and pies. The possibilities are endless with these juicy treasures.

  4. Tomatoes: As summer approaches, tomatoes reach their peak flavor and color in June. From cherry tomatoes to heirloom varieties, these versatile fruits (often mistaken for vegetables) add a burst of acidity and brightness to countless dishes. Create refreshing tomato salads, whip up homemade tomato sauces, or simply enjoy them sliced and seasoned with a sprinkle of salt. The vibrant taste of fresh tomatoes is a true summer pleasure.

  5. Zucchini: With their tender flesh and mild flavor, zucchini shines during June. These versatile summer squash can be spiralized into noodles, grilled to perfection, or sautéed with other seasonal vegetables. Use zucchini in frittatas, stir-fries, or stuff them with delicious fillings. Don't forget to explore the blossoms too—edible zucchini blossoms make a delightful addition to salads or can be stuffed and fried.

  6. Fresh Herbs: June offers an abundance of aromatic herbs to elevate your dishes. From fragrant basil and mint to vibrant cilantro and dill, fresh herbs add depth and complexity to your culinary creations. Use them to create pesto, sprinkle them over salads, incorporate them into marinades or vinaigrettes, or infuse them into refreshing summer beverages. The aromatic touch of fresh herbs will take your dishes to new heights.

Embrace the flavors of June by savoring the seasonal delights that nature offers. From the juicy sweetness of strawberries and peaches to the tangy allure of tomatoes, this month brings a vibrant array of fruits, vegetables, and herbs to tantalize your taste buds. Take advantage of the bounty of the season, experiment with new recipes, and celebrate the fresh, wholesome ingredients that nature provides. Enjoy the abundance of June and let your culinary explorations embrace the vibrant flavors of the season.

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