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Embrace the Bounty of November

As November arrives, it brings a delightful abundance of seasonal produce and the promise of Thanksgiving - a time to gather with loved ones and give thanks for life's blessings. At Mama Milly's, we believe that celebrating this cherished holiday doesn't have to mean sacrificing health and nutrition. Join us on a journey through the flavors of November's harvest, and discover how Mama Milly's all-natural products can elevate your Thanksgiving feast with wholesome goodness. Let's embrace the beauty of the season and create a healthier, yet equally delicious, Thanksgiving celebration.

**A Bounty of Seasonal Produce:**


November ushers in a rich variety of seasonal produce, perfect for incorporating into your Thanksgiving menu. Some stars of November's harvest include:


- **Brussels Sprouts:**

These mini cabbages are a delightful addition to any Thanksgiving spread. Roast them with Mama Milly's Mojo Garlic Sauce for a zesty twist.


- **Sweet Potatoes:**

Rich in nutrients and natural sweetness, sweet potatoes are ideal for a nourishing and colorful side dish. Mama Milly's Adobo Spice blend adds a kick of flavor to these vibrant roots.


- **Cranberries:**

Bursting with tangy goodness, cranberries are a must-have for your Thanksgiving table. Make a zesty cranberry sauce using Mama Milly's Mojo Garlic Sauce for a unique twist.


- **Pumpkins:**

From pumpkin pies to savory dishes, pumpkins are synonymous with Thanksgiving. Mama Milly's Middle East 7 Spice blend complements the natural sweetness of pumpkins.

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