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A Mama Milly's Thanksgiving (Recipe & Guide Roundup)

Happy Thanksgiving


Indulge in the spirit of gratitude with our Thanksgiving Roundup! 🍂✨

From turning leftovers into culinary masterpieces to infusing Latin flavors into your traditional feast with our exclusive recipe e-book, we've got your post-Thanksgiving plans covered. Dive into a world of delicious possibilities with our curated collection of leftover recipes that will transform your fridge finds into gourmet delights. Elevate your Thanksgiving experience with a Latin twist, exploring exciting new flavors and techniques in our specially crafted recipe e-book. And because we know the holidays can be stressful, we've also included guides to help you plan and execute a Thanksgiving celebration that's both memorable and stress-free. Let's make this Thanksgiving a feast to remember – click, cook, and celebrate with joy! 🦃


Want to plan and execute an stress-free Thanksgiving dinner? Start here:

Countdown to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Shopping Tricks and Tips

Thanksgiving Serving Guide


Need some Turkey day recipes? Switch it up and add some latin flavor. Follow our guide and recipes to make your Thanksgiving meal a unique and delicious experience

E-Book: Thanksgiving Latin Style


Recipes for those Thanksgiving leftovers!

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe: Turkey Soup

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe: Turkey Pot Pie

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe: Turkey Tetrazzini

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe: Sweet Potato Pancakes

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe: Turkey Tetrazzini

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