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Recipe: "Naked" Chicken Wings

"Naked” Chicken wings! There'e nothing like wings for Game Day... whether it's regular season or the Super Bowl, wings and football just go together.  

What I like about making the wings “naked” is that everyone can put their own sauce on.. I like them spicy, my mom doesn’t… my stepdad will put bbq, my niece likes mayo-ketchup. Everyone gets to put their twist on it! The wings also stay crispier if you don’t sauce them- dip them!

This recipe is adapted for deep frying or an air-fryer.


2lb wing sections

3 T Mojo Garlic Sauce

1.5 T Adobo

Salt & pepper to taste


After cleaning your chicken, season with Adobo and add salt & pepper to your liking. Toss the chicken and make sure all pieces are lightly coated.


Note: if you are going to fry, leave like this. If you’re going to put in the air fryer, drizzle 2-3T garlic oil only from mojo (will give flavor and garlic won’t burn).


Fry chicken until thoroughly cooked (about 7-8 minutes)- look for chicken pulling off the bone and for exposed bone pieces to look dark in the center (no red/pink near bone).


Once cooked, drizzle 2-3 tablespoons of mojo and toss to evenly coat.


Tips for serving:

Make a few dipping sauces or have a variety of hot sauces for a “build your own” wing bar.


Fried Chicken Wings

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