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Five New Spice Blends!

It's no secret I love to cook... and share this love with my friends and family by making meals for them.  When I cook, I'm often asked how I made that particular dish, and what I've noticed is that people are interested in the different flavor combinations it takes to create a meal. I love experimenting with herbs and spices, gathering inspiration from all around the world. 

I realized I was on to something when friends and family kept asking for certain dishes on repeat, even when I told them how to make it. Recently, before going on vacation, my parents asked me to make them several spice blends so they could try and make the same dishes I make for them while I was gone.  I knew I wanted to add more products to my Mama Milly's line, so it just seemed natural that I would expand to spices... since that's what I most often asked for.

I decided to launch with five of my most requested spice blends. We use these often at home. We have been making popular spice blends like Adobo and Sazón at home to control the salt and quality of ingredients. Also, we have made a conscious effort to use the power of our dollar to support local businesses and have moved away from shopping with big businesses that put money into politics.

The added benefits of Mama Milly's spice blends are that they're all-natural, plant-based, no preservatives or additives, and no artificial colors, ever. Non-GMO, no gluten, no MSG, and low-salt.  They're versatile and make it easy to make simply delicious meals.

Spice Blends

+ Adobo: An all-purpose favorite in Latin American, garlic is the star here... and you can use it on everything!

+ Sazón: Gives color and depth to rice, seafood, beans, soups, and stews. Can also be used as a dry rub!

+ BBQ Dry Rub: Smoky, sweet, with a hint of spice. Perfect for all your grilling needs.

Salt-free options: 

+ Veggie Blend: Banish the bland with this all-purpose, herb-filled seasoning. It makes the taste of veggies *pop* and get everyone happily eating their 5-veg-a-day.

+ Middle East 7 Spice: Savory, citrusy, and warm spices combine in this mix to bring the best of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors. 

All of our spice blends pair well with our Mojo Garlic Sauce, for added flavor and balance to your culinary delights.

Happy cooking!

- Milena

Owner & Founder, Mama Milly's

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