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Why a blended oil?

My mother's original recipe for the mojo garlic sauce is with safflower oil.  We tried on occasion to use olive oil, but it would congeal in the refrigerator and depending on the type of olive used, it left a heavier or herbaceous taste. For health reasons, my mother avoids soy, and she canola oil was too heavy on her digestion.  Instead, she made her sauce with safflower oil- for her, this was the best combination of a neutral flavor and viscosity, without congealing in the cold.

My go to oil in the kitchen is extra virgin olive oil.  I've recently started using some coconut oil, but find that sometimes it leaves a nuttiness so will only choose it when I don't mind the added flavor. This works for most of my cooking methods, as I don't fry that often, but will go with a safflower or vegetable oil if I will be frying. I knew that I would need to have a blend for Mama Milly's sauces, as they would need to stand up to various cooking methods while being more neutral in flavor and stay liquid when cold.

Professional chefs often blend two or more oils to use for marinades, dressings or cooking. Blending oil produces an oil that's lighter in color, flavor and viscosity, making it more versatile in the kitchen. Typically, blended oils combine a higher smoke point oil, such as vegetable, canola, peanut or corn, with a lower smoke point oil, such as extra virgin olive, coconut or sesame oil.

I knew I wanted a neutral, light oil that would be versatile, but I didn't want to use Canola, since I personally try to stay away from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as much as possible.  I also knew that I couldn't have my oil be 100% olive oil, as it would coagulate with the cold, possibly affecting the look of the product but also the beauty of the garlic infusing the oil as it sits. (Sometimes I will just use the garlic oil to dip in bread or for a salad dressing if I want a more subtle garlic flavor.)  I also knew that I wanted a product that I would be drawn to, so it needed to have extra virgin olive oil, for some taste and health benefits.  I chose a mix of 75% vegetable oil and 25% extra virgin olive oil to get the best out of both.


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