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What's In Season: Fall Edition

As we bid farewell to summer and embrace the crispness of fall, the bounty of nature brings a delightful array of seasonal produce to our tables. At Mama Milly's, we are passionate about fresh, wholesome ingredients, and we believe in celebrating the changing seasons by incorporating locally available produce into our meals. Join us on a journey to discover the wonderful produce in season for September and the benefits of transitioning to seasonally eating for a nourishing and delicious fall.


1. Seasonal Produce: A Cornucopia of Delights


September marks the beginning of autumn, and with it comes a rich variety of produce that's ripe for the picking. Some of the star ingredients you can enjoy during this season include:


- Apples: Crisp and sweet, apples are perfect for pies, salads, and even savory dishes like apple-stuffed pork chops.


- Pears: Juicy and succulent, pears are delightful in salads, compotes, and even roasted with honey and spices.


- Pumpkins: As we approach Halloween, pumpkins take the spotlight. Roast them for pumpkin puree, make comforting pumpkin soups, or savor the flavor in pumpkin spiced treats.


- Squash: From butternut to acorn, squash varieties add creaminess to soups, heartiness to stews, and delightful flavors to casseroles.


- Brussels Sprouts: These mini cabbages are delectable when roasted with olive oil and a sprinkle of Mama Milly's spice blends.


2. The Beauty of Seasonal Eating:


Transitioning to seasonally eating has numerous benefits for both our health and the environment:


- Nutrient-Rich: Seasonal produce is harvested at its peak, ensuring it is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


- Supporting Local Farmers: Opting for locally sourced produce supports local farmers and the community, fostering sustainable food systems.


- Reduced Environmental Impact: Choosing seasonal ingredients means fewer resources are used for transportation and storage, reducing the carbon footprint.


3. Mama Milly's Seasonal Recipes:


At Mama Milly's, we celebrate the fall harvest by incorporating seasonal produce into our recipes. Pair our spice blends with autumn vegetables to create comforting dishes, such as roasted Brussels sprouts seasoned with Mama Milly's BBQ Dry Rub or a hearty butternut squash soup infused with our Middle East 7 Spice blend.


Additionally, our all-natural Mojo Garlic Sauce adds a delightful burst of flavor to seasonal ingredients. Try drizzling it over apple and arugula salads or marinating pork chops with a blend of Mojo Garlic Sauce and autumn spices.


As we embrace the beauty of fall and bid adieu to summer, let's celebrate the bounty of seasonal produce that September brings. By incorporating locally available ingredients and Mama Milly's all-natural products, we can enjoy the flavors of the harvest while promoting sustainable food practices.


Let's savor the joy of seasonal eating, where the changing colors of nature mirror the vibrant colors on our plates. Explore the endless possibilities of fall-inspired recipes with Mama Milly's products, and embark on a culinary journey that nourishes both the body and the soul.


Happy Cooking and Happy Fall!

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