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Meal Planning VS Meal Prepping

At first glance - these 2 look almost identical.  But there are some small details that can save you time, energy, and keep you eating FRESH throughout the week. 


✅ Fresh dinner nightly vs 🚫 "leftovers" : Fresh is always best.  Some prepared foods can only make a few days before it looses flavor & freshness.


✅ Cost efficient vs 🚫 wasteful : Meal Planning ensures you are using what you have on hand (Fridge, Freezer & pantry) before planning for the week.  Prepping tends to be wasteful, as you are usually overpreparing for the week, and then getting "bored" halfway through. 


✅ Seasonal Meal Planning vs 🚫 Recipe Rut : Raise your hand if you get into a rut?  You know - the one where you feel like you are always making the same thing ... over, and over, and over again?  With Meal Planning - you check what is in season, and then plan recipes accordingly. (Be sure to follow us for more seasonal inspiration as the weeks go on!)


✅ Use what you have vs 🚫 overstuffed freezer : Without a set plan, of what to make for the week - you're probably going to the supermarket and buying on a whim.  Rinse and repeat for a few weeks and you have an overstocked freezer with items you have no interest in cooking!  Being intentional with your plan & list will actually save you money in the long run!


✅ Full day of cooking on Sunday vs 🚫 30 mins of cooking per night : Who said you have to spend hours in the kitchen each night?  When you have a plan, you are able to prepare simple, easy, and quick meals in a pitch!  Plus, with fresh ingredients, it doesn't take a lot to make your dish taste AMAZING!


We're curious to know - are you a Meal Planner or a Meal Prepper?

Let us know in the comments below. ⬇️


Follow along to get inspiration on different recipes for your meal planning weekly & to find out how Mama Milly's can be a staple in your pantry to make the process even simpler and tastier! 

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