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A Healthier White Rice?

Yes!  White Rice with less carbs...


The trick is to cool your rice completely before you eat it. 


Why? Cooling white rice changes its starch content into a “resistant” starch.   The body processes resistant starch like fiber, so it isn’t easy digested which means it keeps you fuller for longer and gets digested in the colon, as opposed to the stomach or small intestines. Resistant starch has a lower glycemic index.. this means it doesn’t spike your blood sugar! 


This “hack” also works for pasta and white potatoes!


Don’t just take my word for it.. I learned this on TikTok, but there are many articles and scientific studies into this.  



Read More:


Medical Journals:


Strozyk, S., Rogowicz-Frontczak, A., Pilacinski, S. et al. Influence of resistant starch resulting from the cooling of rice on postprandial glycemia in type 1 diabetes. Nutr. Diabetes 12, 21 (2022).

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  • Oh, wow…This is awesome info!!! My family looooves white rice. Will try this asap!!! Thx, mamamillys!!!!


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